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Should I have a flu shot?

Should I have a flu shot? Well its that time of year again when the new flu vaccine comes into stock. As GP’s and Practice Nurses we get lots of questions about the vaccine. Keep reading for answers to the questions we are commonly asked….. Who are the high risk groups who should have the flu vaccine? Those with the highest risk of serious complications from the flu (pneumonia; respiratory failure; hospitalisation; stroke and heart attack) are those over 65 (even though you may be healthy the immune system changes with age make us more vulnerable) as well as those… Read more »

Broken Bone? We have the latest in waterproof casts!

Summer is a time for getting active and outdoors! Sometimes this means a mishap for someone in the family and a broken bone is the result! The last thing you want is 6 weeks in a heavy plaster cast that cannot get wet…. At Coastal Family Health our experienced family doctors can have your injury assessed quickly and arrange for an immediate X–ray. If a fracture is confirmed you can have a waterproof cast applied straight away.  Our doctors stay up to date with the latest in fracture treatment and are capable of managing all simple fractures.  Our practice has in stock the latest in waterproof casting technology. This… Read more »

FAQ About Gout

Did you know: Gout is the only arthritic disease you can cure- there are many myths about treatment so we’ve made it a bit easier for you to understand….. 1) What is the treatment target for gout? Normal range of urate on pathology testing is irrelevent to treatment goals Goal for treatment of Gout 0.36mmol/L but if toplhi are present goal is 0.3mmol/L 2) When should you initiate treatment? You should initiate treatment if any of the following apply Tophi present (look of ears elbows fingers toes elbows if present there is a huge bodily burden of urate) 2 or… Read more »

Immunisation: The best ways to protect your children’s health.

At Coastal Family Health we pride ourselves on providing a high quality immunization service for children and families. We have experienced nurses and doctors who will make the immunization process as streamlined and low stress for children and parents as possible. Immunisation is often stressful for parents particularly with baby vaccinations starting at 6 weeks. We understand how important it is to have parents and baby as comfortable as possible. We weigh and measure baby and check for any reason vaccination should not occur on the day (eg illness or fever). We can also check if there are any concerns… Read more »

Fever and what it means

Introduction Fever is frightening to parents and this can sometimes be due to misinformation. Old fashioned ideas that fever can cause brain damage or will trigger convulsions results in frantic attempts to control fever. A fever is a sign that something is wrong. A useful analogy is a warning light in a car indicating something is not right. Treating a fever is like treating the warning light without finding out why the light is on. So understanding fever will help allay some of these anxieties. What Causes Fever? Fever is the body’s sign that it is fighting infection. The fever… Read more »


Introduction Cough is an essential way in which the lungs expel unwanted material. It is a protection for the more fragile areas of the lungs. Unfortunately sometimes the cough is ineffective and annoying. There is little role for cough medicines in children. Though they are marketed very well. The most common cause of cough is a simple viral bronchitis. The word bronchits means inflammation of the large airways. There is generallly little role for antibiotics in the management of bronchitis. A cough itself is rarely serious with the exception of whooping cough. Coughs are generally described as moist, ‘chesty’, dry,… Read more »

Do I need cholesterol lowering drugs?

Do I need cholesterol lowering drugs? Along with checking your blood pressure knowing your cholesterol reading is an important part of working out your risk of a heart attack or stroke. The problem with these conditions is whilst the risk can often be calculated the actual events themselves are sudden unpredictable and frequently devastating. For instance about half of heart attacks result in sudden death so waiting til you have one to modify your risk is clearly too late!! Since the 1950s the overall rates of stroke and heart attack in our community have declined mostly due to the decline… Read more »

What you need to know about the cervical cancer vaccine

Since the cervical cancer vaccine program has been in place vaccinating adolescent school girls (and more recently boys) we have seen a dramatic decline in high grade PAP smear abnormalities for young women under the age of 25 in Queensland. The latest figures show we have 68.8% of eligible women fully immunized in Queensland. The cervical cancer vaccine is called gardisil and is given over 6 months with 3 doses to protect against HPV which is the cause of cancer of the cervix and some other types of cancer.   The drop in abnormal PAP smears in young women who… Read more »

6 Common myths about the pill

Myth 1  If I take antibiotics my pill will not work ….FALSE vomiting from gastroenteritis or too much alcohol will increase the chances of you falling pregnant but antibiotics used for common illnesses do not Myth 2 The pill will protect me against Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STIs)  ….FALSE condoms used correctly are highly effective at preventing STIs and are highly recommended if you are in a new or casual relationship Myth 3 If I start bleeding I should stop the pill straight away…..FALSE if you start bleeding on the pill you should continue as usual, make a record of your bleeding… Read more »

Why it might be time to re-think your contraception!

Is it time to take another look at what might be the right contraceptive for you? With 2 out of 3 women taking contraceptives and the wide range of contraceptive products now available it might be time to check with your GP that you are on the safest and most effective contraception that is best suited to you. A recent study suggests that Australian women are not fully aware of some of the newer contraceptives available and are not taking them up at the rate women are in other countries. Sometimes women dont think past the pill because its easy… Read more »