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Broken Bone? We have the latest in waterproof casts!

Summer is a time for getting active and outdoors! Sometimes this means a mishap for someone in the family and a broken bone is the result! The last thing you want is 6 weeks in a heavy plaster cast that cannot get wet…. At Coastal Family Health our experienced family doctors can have your injury assessed quickly and arrange for an immediate X–ray. If a fracture is confirmed you can have a waterproof cast applied straight away.  Our doctors stay up to date with the latest in fracture treatment and are capable of managing all simple fractures.  Our practice has in stock the latest in waterproof casting technology. This… Read more »

Immunisation: The best ways to protect your children’s health.

At Coastal Family Health we pride ourselves on providing a high quality immunization service for children and families. We have experienced nurses and doctors who will make the immunization process as streamlined and low stress for children and parents as possible. Immunisation is often stressful for parents particularly with baby vaccinations starting at 6 weeks. We understand how important it is to have parents and baby as comfortable as possible. We weigh and measure baby and check for any reason vaccination should not occur on the day (eg illness or fever). We can also check if there are any concerns… Read more »

Fever and what it means

Introduction Fever is frightening to parents and this can sometimes be due to misinformation. Old fashioned ideas that fever can cause brain damage or will trigger convulsions results in frantic attempts to control fever. A fever is a sign that something is wrong. A useful analogy is a warning light in a car indicating something is not right. Treating a fever is like treating the warning light without finding out why the light is on. So understanding fever will help allay some of these anxieties. What Causes Fever? Fever is the body’s sign that it is fighting infection. The fever… Read more »


Introduction Cough is an essential way in which the lungs expel unwanted material. It is a protection for the more fragile areas of the lungs. Unfortunately sometimes the cough is ineffective and annoying. There is little role for cough medicines in children. Though they are marketed very well. The most common cause of cough is a simple viral bronchitis. The word bronchits means inflammation of the large airways. There is generallly little role for antibiotics in the management of bronchitis. A cough itself is rarely serious with the exception of whooping cough. Coughs are generally described as moist, ‘chesty’, dry,… Read more »