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What you need to know about the cervical cancer vaccine

Since the cervical cancer vaccine program has been in place vaccinating adolescent school girls (and more recently boys) we have seen a dramatic decline in high grade PAP smear abnormalities for young women under the age of 25 in Queensland. The latest figures show we have 68.8% of eligible women fully immunized in Queensland. The cervical cancer vaccine is called gardisil and is given over 6 months with 3 doses to protect against HPV which is the cause of cancer of the cervix and some other types of cancer.   The drop in abnormal PAP smears in young women who… Read more »

6 Common myths about the pill

Myth 1  If I take antibiotics my pill will not work ….FALSE vomiting from gastroenteritis or too much alcohol will increase the chances of you falling pregnant but antibiotics used for common illnesses do not Myth 2 The pill will protect me against Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STIs)  ….FALSE condoms used correctly are highly effective at preventing STIs and are highly recommended if you are in a new or casual relationship Myth 3 If I start bleeding I should stop the pill straight away…..FALSE if you start bleeding on the pill you should continue as usual, make a record of your bleeding… Read more »

Why it might be time to re-think your contraception!

Is it time to take another look at what might be the right contraceptive for you? With 2 out of 3 women taking contraceptives and the wide range of contraceptive products now available it might be time to check with your GP that you are on the safest and most effective contraception that is best suited to you. A recent study suggests that Australian women are not fully aware of some of the newer contraceptives available and are not taking them up at the rate women are in other countries. Sometimes women dont think past the pill because its easy… Read more »