Women’s Health


The women’s health team at coastal family health specialises in all areas of women’s health, offering a network of support and expertise between a team of highly experienced female GP’s. Coastal Family Health offers an excellent service with doctors who care, listen, give the time you need without the long wait. Our women’s health team offer a range of services including:

Contraception advice

Pregnancy care

Post pregnancy

Children’s health

Emotional well-being

Breast checks



Copper IUD’s

Cosmetic Procedures

Dr Tracey Bryan, Dr Fiona McGrath, Dr Karen Yew, Dr Rachelle Smyth, Dr Kara James, Dr Ann-Marie Almeida & Dr Theresa Stockwell are our team of female doctors.


For all contraception procedures a pre- consultation is required. This is to give all of the information, advice, prescription and consents for the procedure.



Pregnancy Testing                                              $15    (Medicare rebate $10.20)

Mirena insertion                                                  $200   (Medicare rebate $117.25)

Mirena removal                                                    $70   (Medicare rebate $37.05)

Implanon insertion                                               $100   (Medicare rebate $43.50)

Implanon removal                                                $100   (Medicare rebate $51.65)


Call us today on (07) 5444 1522 to book an appointment or Click here to make an appointment online

* Failure to attend a booked appointment, or cancelling without 2 hours notice will result in a cancellation fee of $70 (no medicare rebate)